Budget Blinds Premier League



DIRRANS lost out on a barely playable, heavy and sticky pitch after the hosts scored a last gasp winner.

Calvin Kemp had the best of the chances in the first half as Dirrans dominated but failed to take advantage of a strong blustery wind.

The second half followed a similar pattern, with Hurlford this time unable to take advantage of the wind despite containing most of the play in the Dirrans half.

The deadlock was finally broken in bizarre fashion 10 minutes from time when Jamie Dunlop, in a rare second half Dirrans attack, directed a shot at goal only for the Hurlford centre half to deflect the ball over the bar. Instead of the expected corner, the referee gave a by-kick which the goalkeeper quickly took, sending the ball sailing towards Dirrans goalkeeper Ross Stewart in the Dirrans penalty area. Before the ball could reach Stewart, however the Hurlford centre forward, standing isolated 20 yards inside the visitors' half controlled the ball and laid it into the path of one of his oncoming team-mates, who buried it in the net.

It was a disappointing result for Dirrans but the hosts were rewarded with three points after a bit of quick-thinking which made the difference and won the day.

DIRRANS ATHLETIC: Stewart; Walker (Frew); Kiefer, Monan, Strain, Hynard, Dunlop, Kean (Lockhart), Bennett (Kay). Pirie (Milne), Kemp.