SATURDAY saw NAAC seniors put forward three teams to compete in the local River Ayr Way (RAW) Ultra.

They arrived safely by club minibus with the help dedicated driver and top support, Marnie and club mascot Amy.

The weather had been pretty awful on the lead up to the event so mud and puddles were expected but it stayed dry on the day which was a bonus.

The first runners set off very quickly and after 17 miles of grassy trail and mud sections, Davie Wilson was first to the checkpoint at Sorn leading the way for the relay runners. John Leitch arrived not long after, followed by Suzanne Dickson, who had suffered from a few falls along the way.

Taking over were Ian McIlwraith, Stephen Nisbet and Angela Reid. The second section was 14 miles of forest trails, stairs, road and track heading to CP2 at Annbank.

There were a few mishaps along the way, some wrong turns and a few falls but all three made it back to changeover with the final three runners.

They then handed over to Mark Preston, Paul Camlin and Debbie Neal to finish the last nine miles, the first of which were extremely muddy and slippery. All held on and with a variation of finishing styles, Team NAAC finished in third, fourth and fifth place overall in the relays with the Ladies winning their category.

Great team day out and great performance put in by all athletes.