A GIFTED young rugby ace enjoyed one of the proudest moments of his life at Murrayfield on Saturday.

Lochay Forbes (10) led out and lined up for the Scottish Rugby team as an official mascot before their game against Wales.

Ardrossan Accies were fortunate enough to be asked to provide a mascot for the high profile Six Nations fixture at Murrayfield this year.

The brief was simple - put forward a candidate who has shown commitment, enthusiasm and great sportsmanship to represent the club alongside the national team.

Lochay is a fast, tough, hard-tackling, evasive running young player who never fails to impress on the field. However, it’s the character of the young man that made him stand out as

the ideal candidate for the role.

He never misses training, is a willing listener and always endeavours to learn from his coaches and team-mates, transferring rugby theory into practical skills.

The youngster will always play rugby with a smile on his face and has given not a single bit of lip to the players and coaches around him.

These wonderful attributes of character will serve him well throughout childhood and as the man he will grow into.

Accies say Lochay is making his family, friends and rugby club extremely proud.