ARDROSSAN Accies Minis and Micros travelled to Bishopton RFC on Sunday for their first taste of winter rugby in 2017.

With beautiful, blue skies overhead yet soggy turf underfoot, the children revelled in the boot-swallowing, slippery Renfrewshire soil. The damp surface made gripping the rugby ball an issue at times, but the youngsters threw everything into another gutsy performance.

The Micros (aged four–P3) took on their hosts in a lively set of encounters, playing three matches in total.

Thanks to their well-timed support runs and nifty side-stepping they managed to win two games and lose just the one. Like their older counterparts they struggled to hold on to the ball at times but refused let the conditions stop them having fun. Stars of the day awards were given to Lachlan McNicol for his boundless enthusiasm and high try count as well as Euan McKechan for his all-round skill and ingenuity.

P4 and P5 merged into two combined squads, with each playing three games against Bishopton.

Accies Blue defied the conditions to produce some neat handling skills throughout the day. With star of the day Harry Dixon running strong lines into the heart of the defence and his compatriot Calum Monaghan’s elusive qualities coming to the for the Accies won a game, lost a game and drew one their final encounter.

The Accies Black team enjoyed their three games in front of the hearty crowd.

Cara Robertson capped off a fine performance with two tries, duly earning star of the day. The Accies battled away with passion and determination eventually emerging victorious in two of the three games. The other star of the day was Max Walton, who’s performances have leapt up a notch this season, bringing a high try count with it.

P6 and P7 also merged into a large playing squad, taking on Bishopton in three matches at 10-a-side.

The first game was comfortably won by the Accies, thanks to the combination of some training ground moves and individual skills. Much to the delight of the home crowd and for the benefit of the game itself, Bishopton were kick started into life after the defeat and produced a strong, dominant reply to the Accies. They won the second encounter by two tries – deservedly so without doubt. The final match saw scores back and forth for both teams, with the result hanging in the balance until Lee Adams broke through the defensive ranks and scored in the corner.

Stars of the day for the Accies went to Julia Hogarth and Lochay Forbes for their total commitment to tackling whist Jack Coutts was a force to be reckoned with at the breakdown, displaying targeted aggression in (legitimate) barrow-fulls, therefore also being nominated star of the day.

The next match is at home to Cumnock RFC and Strathaven RFC on Sunday, November 26.