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Issue of the day: Would you wash the sauce off spaghetti hoops?

SHE is food blogger who rose to prominence by promoting her budget cuisine created as a single parent to help others navigate their way through challenging circumstances. Now one of Jack Monroe’s recipes has sparked debate online after she recommended washing the sauce off spaghetti hoops.

Issue of the day: The return of Crinkley Bottom

IT was the backdrop to Saturday nights throughout the 1990s, watched by audiences of more than 15 million at its peak. Now, if you so desire, you can return to Crinkley Bottom as Noel’s House Party is back on the BBC for one night only.

Issue of the day: Uri Geller's 'mind power' warning to Russia

HE is best known for his trademark spoon bending efforts on TV over the years, but Uri Geller is now back in the spotlight for firing a warning to Russia that, utilising the power of his mind, he intends to prevent nuclear missiles launching toward the UK.

Issue of the day: The rise of the robots

IN the wake of claims Google has created an artificial intelligence (AI) system with emotions, a robotic chess player broke the finger of an opponent at a tournament in Moscow. Against this backdrop, is Elon Musk correct to repeatedly warn of the dangers of AI?