A brand new initiative that aims to get youngsters more healthy and active is set to launch in North Ayrshire next week.

Headteachers from primary schools across the area as well as partners, including Education Scotland and NHS Ayrshire and Arran, are due to meet on Wednesday, March 9 at St Anthony’s Primary in Saltcoats for the official launch of ‘Fit Fifteen’.

The whole idea behind the ‘Fit Fifteen’ programme is to ensure everyone, every day, everywhere is active by providing more opportunities for daily physical activity. And this initiative ensures that children and young people take part in at least 15 minutes of fitness each school day.

By securing the buy-in from local schools and early learning centres, the initiative will promote, support and enhance physical activity in young people.

A total of 33 primary schools have already signed up to the new approach – even before the official launch next month. Some of their efforts include getting pupils to participate in the daily mile, ‘wake and shake’ and trim trail treks.

Alexander Johnston, PE Lead Officer for Fit Fifteen, said: “We know that active children are more likely to become active adults. Fit Fifteen is about enhancing children’s physical activity during curricular time so that it enables them to stay active throughout their whole lives.”

Cabinet Member for Education Attainment and Achievement, Councillor John Bruce, said: “This is a fantastic initiative which will bring many benefits to our young people, not least enhancing their health and fitness – for now and years to come.

“Improving children’s outcomes is one of our main priorities as a Council and a recent survey, involving thousands of our young people, told us that two main issues affecting them were low levels of exercise and increasing levels of obesity.

“That’s why I’m thrilled to hear about Fit Fifteen. It demonstrates our purposeful and practical approach towards improving the lives of North Ayrshire’s children. By knowing the issues they face, we can take action to secure their wellbeing.”