ANIMAL rights protesters staged a vigil at an Ardrossan abattoir on Tuesday, October 11.

Supporters of Save Movement Scotland came from North Ayrshire and Glasgow to witness the trucks of pigs going to slaughter at John Robertson and Sons Ham Curers.

The group displayed placards encouraging passing motorists to “honk” for support – and many drivers obliged.

A spokesman for Save Movement Scotland told the Herald: “What we’re doing here is a peaceful vigil. We’re here to bear witness to the animals that arrive for slaughter.

“We’re a vegan group. It’s not about animal welfare, it’s about animal rights. With welfare, animals are looked upon as property. Animal welfare talks about more humane ways of killing and of making animals comfortable in transit but there is no humane way of killing. We want to abolish that.”

The Herald contacted John Robertson and Sons Ham Curers but the management declined to comment.