A GROUP of S3 pupils from Ardrossan Academy have taken up snooker as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

And they have been attending coaching sessions with Allan Duffy, manager of the Non-Such snooker club and amusements.

The boys on the course, as well as other S1-S3 pupils also attended the Scottish Open Snooker Championships, where they were introduced to professional referees and coaches.

The referees informed the pupils of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, they told them that the five time world champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan had a strict fitness regime and a healthy diet as this helps to maintain a healthy body and mind and makes him perform better.

The Ardrossan pupils then teamed up and challenged one another, playing on a professional snooker table with a professional referee.

The S3 Duke of Edinburgh snooker group were then presented with medals to acknowledge their successful participation in their snooker coaching sessions.

Following this they watched professional snooker players play in the championships.

The pupils particularly enjoyed watching Ronnie O’Sullivan play in his 4-3 victory against Li Hang.

A spokesperson for the Academy said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Allan Duffy for using his spare time to coach our group, as well as Mr Stewart Graham owner of Non-Such for allowing us to use his snooker facilities.

“We have all thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions and have looked forward to attending each week.

“The boys have developed many new skills in relation to snooker as well as developing their confidence and learning etiquette.

“Allan has been a fantastic coach and is respected by our pupils. We hope to maintain this link with Allan and the Scottish Snooker Association to further develop our skills and will hopefully become the first school in Scotland to become a Scottish Snooker Academy.“

Allan said: “When Mrs Houston approached me regarding snooker coaching for a group of S3 boys who were completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award, I was all for it.

“We were really keen to develop a community link with school.

“The boys have been learning to pay attention to the rules and etiquette of the game. They are a great group and have came a long way on the 13 week course. I found the whole experience very rewarding.”