NORTH Ayrshire Council yesterday (Tuesday) set out its plans for their 1,000km of road networks for the next 12 months.

The resurfacing and repairs plans went in front of the Cabinet on Tuesday afternoon where they agreed to over £5million worth of work on the mainland and a further £990,000 on the Isle of Arran.

The works, which range from complete resurfacing of roads to screedings and upgrading of pavements, will take place throughout the local area with many notorious stretches of roads in the Three Towns set for much needed improvement.

These include £45,750 for the resurfacing of the Montfode Estate to the Montfode Roundabout in Ardrossan, £85,500 to upgrade Fleming Crescent to the far side of the Sharphill Roundabout in Saltcoats and £25,500 to resurface Old Raise Road from the A738 to St Lawrence Place in Saltcoats.

Of the £220,000 set aside to resurface pavements, almost half of the streets are in the Three Towns.

Sorbie Road in Ardrossan at the cemetery side leading up to Whitlees Court will get a £12k revamp, the full length of Craigs Place in Saltcoats will be done at a cost of £13,000 and in Stevenston, Clyde View Avenue, Caponcraig Avenue, Mary Love Place and Goldie Place will all be refurbished at a total cost of £11,500.

There will be £844,000 spent on lighting infrastructure replacements across North Ayrshire and £820,000 will be spent on structure improvements, mainly on bridges in Irvine and the Garnock Valley.

The adopted road network within North Ayrshire has a total length of 1,035km and the core roads assets are currently estimated at a value of approximately £1.7billion.

North Ayrshire Council is responsible for the maintenance of the adopted local road network as well as its other non adopted road assets. However the council has no responsibility for the maintenance of the Trunk Road Network which falls to Transport Scotland and their contractor, Scotland Transerve.

The Trunk Road network includes the A78, the A737 from Kilwinning to the Renfrewshire Boundary and A738 from the Pennyburn Roundabout to the A737 Dalry Road Kilwinning.