THE Cunninghame WASPI group have welcomed a new report from charity the Fawcett Foundation backing their campaign against state pension inequality.

The society, who campaign for gender equality and women’s rights, said a large number of women born in the 1950s had suffered a significant injustice.

While they backed equalisation of the pension age, they claimed the implementation of the Government policy was poor.

The Government did not write to any woman affected by the rise in pension ages for nearly 14 years after the law was passed in 1995.

More than one million women born between April 1950 and April 1953 were told at age 58 or 59 that their pension age was rising from 60, in some cases to 63.

More than half a million women born April 1953 to April 1955 were told between the ages of 57 and nearly 59 that their state pension age would be rising to between 63 and 66.

Some women were told at just 57½ that their pension age would rise from 60 to 66.

By May of this year the DWP had received almost 8000 maladministration complaints with more in the pipeline.

Any 1950s born women affected by the changes to state pension age are welcome to join the WASPI campaign. Contact the group at Cunninghamewaspi@