THERE was a show of support for animals heading to slaughter this week as Ayrshire Animal Save got together in Ardrossan.

Last Wednesday, 18 activists were present at Robertson’s Fine Foods in Princes Street to witness pigs being taken into the Ardrossan ham curers’ factory.

One of the organisers of Ayrshire Animal Save, Tommy Kelly, told the Herald that the day was a success and how they had ‘amazing’ conversations with locals.

Tommy said: “We had a total of two trucks and the police were amazing as always and stopped them for us.

The first truck arrived around 12noon and we bore witness for almost seven minutes and gave the pigs water as they were very dehydrated and some were in very poor state, with deep cuts and covered in faeces, and the second truck which exactly the same as the first truck. It was three levels high and parked up as the first truck was unloaded, which gave us over five minutes to comfort the animals and give water, which understandably was very emotional for many activists who had to step away.

“We had some truly amazing conversations with the public in which people left with intention of looking into veganism more in depth, as they couldn’t believe the screams they heard and truth of what happens into production of their food.”

Ayrshire Animal Save are part of The Save Movement which is comprised of groups around the world who bear witness of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter. Their goals are to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals, to help people become vegan, and to build a mass-based, grassroots animal justice movement.

Tommy added: “It was great to see such a turnout and so many new activists, and the public looking into a more compassionate lifestyle by simply choosing a vegan option the next time they shop at the supermarket, and others also wanting to be active and spread the message for the animals.