Concerns have been raised over the lack of accessible crossings on Ardrossan Road in Seamill.

And West Scotland Conservative MSP, Jamie Greene, said that it is deeply concerning.

Residents who live on the A78 Ardrossan Road have highlighted that there is a lack of accessible crossings on the trunk road, which could endanger those with visual impairments.

In particular, one partially sighted man who wishes to remain anonymous, has raised concerns with Jamie Greene that the lack of a pedestrian crossing on the road has caused him difficulties in trying to reach the bus stop on the other side of the road.

In trying to get to Largs, this man has had to take a bus going in the wrong direction to Saltcoats, to then use the pedestrian crossing at Saltcoats to turn around and to get the bus to Largs.

After contacting Jamie Greene MSP, the West Scotland politician and Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, contacted Transport Scotland to see if a crossing could be put in place.

Mr Greene was told that an assessment would be due in March next year.

Transport Scotland told him that following the recommendations set out in the next assessment the earliest that a crossing could be in place is in 2020.

The MSP said: “It’s deeply concerning that residents are having to take buses in literally the opposite direction, just to have a safe crossing space.

“This isn’t just an issue that effects those who have visual impairments. All residents would benefit from a proper crossing on a very busy road.

“Having written to Transport Scotland it is encouraging to see that they will assess the situation, however, given the extent of the issue it is creating I would hope that they would address this situation sooner.

“Two years is a very long time to have to wait just to have a safe space to cross a road. As a matter of public safety Transport Scotland should look into measures to ensure that residents have an area where they can cross busy roads, especially given that residents in Seamill need to cross the A78 if they want to get a bus to Largs.”