A DISTRAUGHT mum has demanded action against alleged bullying after her 12-year-old son was knocked unconscious and his head stomped on by another pupil.

Helen McKnight says her son Bailey was viciously assaulted at Kilwinning Academy last Wednesday.

Sickeningly, other pupils filmed the shocking scenes and Helen, who has seen the footage, says the attack is “proof” of a culture of bullying at the school which she says staff “try to sweep under the carpet”.

Speaking through tears she said: “To watch my son being beaten like that was horrendous. He was actually knocked out and the other boy just kept hitting him.

“He stomped on his head and chest and he couldn’t fight back.

“I was at home and a school teacher came and chapped my door and told me Bailey had been seriously hurt and I had to get to the school.

“Bailey said he didn’t want to fight three or four times but the other boy just punched him straight in the face. Other pupils stood around filming it rather than helping Bailey. It’s disgusting.

“He had Bailey up against the fence and was punching him and then he was kneeing him in the stomach.

“No one stopped it.

“This boy who done this to my son has been let off.

“He hasn’t been suspended or anything. I think he should be charged with assault, but he’s not.

“Instead he is coming back to school next week but Bailey is scared to go back because of what happened.

“That school has a bullying

problem and they just brush it under the carpet.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We do not comment on any individual incidents but please be assured that reports of bullying, in all its forms, are taken very seriously by all of our schools and centres.

“In consultation with children, young people, parents/carers and staff, we have produced a policy, procedures and guidance to ensure a consistent approach across all educational establishments in North Ayrshire where bullying behaviour is recognised and challenged and not tolerated under any circumstances.

“We would urge anyone that is the victim of bullying to please speak to a teacher or member of staff so we can take appropriate action.”

A spokesman for Ayrshire Police said: “Enquiries are ongoing.”