The family of a schoolboy who died after collapsing at Auchenharvie Ice Rink are calling for defibrillators to be available in public buildings.

Jayden Orr, 10, suffered a cardiac arrest while practicing with Magnum Figure Skating Club (FSC) on Friday, August 4 of last year. He was taken to Crosshouse Hospital but died shortly afterwards.

Jayden’s family, who live in Port Glasgow, this week lodged a petition to the Scottish Parliament.

The petition requests that all new build, newly renovated or re-purposed buildings with a floorspace of over 7500m2 are fitted with an external public access defibrillator (PAD). The petition, which gained over 1,000 signatures, also calls for all PADs to be officially registered.

Jayden’s sister Kerri Lynn told the Herald: “We’re looking at ‘Jayden’s Law’ – to get defibrillators into new buildings and schools. It should be law that they be fitted.

“The aim is to target schools because Jayden was at school.

“We don’t want to keep it [the PAD] in school buildings but have it outside so when the school closes it can be accessed. It’s no use if someone needs it and it’s inside and the building’s closed.

“They’ve got all this expensive equipment in schools but they don’t have defibrillators and it can save a life and it only costs £1,000.

“It’s about making people aware, we need to get it out there. A defibrillator might be small but that small bit of equipment can save a life.

“Staff are scared to use them but if you’ve got one there [at a public building] you can learn how to use it.

“There was one at the ice rink [when Jayden collapsed] and his dad asked for it. Nobody knew how to use it. That defibrillator could have saved Jayden.

“It takes an hour to train someone how to use it, so think of all the staff they could train.

“We also ask that the defibrillators be registered. If there’s an ambulance on the way, the 999 call handler can direct the caller to the nearest available one.”