A LOCAL butcher aims to help save lives after installing two defibrillators across its premises in North Ayrshire.

Bickets Butchers have installed the lifesaving equipment in both its Kilwinning and Saltcoats shops to help raise awareness and potentially save the lives of people who may suffer cardiac arrest in the area.

Carol Bicket at the Saltcoats shop explained the reason behind the decision and how they raised enough funds for the cause.

She said: “We went to a meeting for the Scottish Federation of Meat trading Association and there was a woman called Pamela Hunter who was telling us about how she had customers who have died from a heart attacks and how she would have reacted if the incident had happened in her shop.

“She then got us all thinking about how we would handle it if a customer or even a general member of the public or one of your family had cardiac arrest and how you could help.

“We started talking about CPR and defibrillators and how she had raised money for her shop to help fund the defibrillators for the area.

“We started raising funds ourselves by things such as a sponsored cycle around Millport, organised raffles, collection tins and one thing just led to another and we eventually raised enough money for both shops to get defibrillators. We managed to raise £2500.”

Carol then explained how important it is to raise awareness and highlighted that the community have been very supportive.

She said: “The community have reacted very positively and when we when we put the collections tins out and began speaking to people about the cause, everyone seemed extremely keen and think it is a great


“People don’t always realise that it is not always just the elderly that that it effects. Young kids or young adults that are playing sport can suddenly be affected.”