STAGECOACH could be moving out of their Ardrossan depot - but are actively looking for an operating centre in the local area.

The Herald can this week reveal that by the end of 2021 the travel giant will move from their current Ardrossan Harbour building.

They have already started to look for alternative accommodation but insist that it is more ‘relocating not closing’.

In a statement, Sam Greer, Engineering Director for Stagecoach said: “We are approaching the end of our lease on our current site at the Harbour. We are in the process of looking for another location. It’s a few years away but we like to make sure we have a clear line of sight on these matters.

“We need an operating centre in the area so it’s more relocating not closing. It’s all down to our lease coming to an end nothing more.

“End of 2021 so a bit out yet. We might even get an option to extend. All depends on what’s available.

“We have only just started to look so sorry I can’t be specific about potential locations. Regardless we will still run buses so need all the people we have whether it’s in Ardrossan or any other location in the vicinity.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP for Cunninghame North addressed the news and told the Herald: “It seems that what we have is a business planning prudently for the long term, with no move for three years and possibly an option to extend.

“What is important is that Stagecoach will continue to have a depot in Ardrossan or another location “in the vicinity” and “need all the people we have” to run or even enhance current services.”