THE Isle of Arran Brewery has more than doubled its brewing capacity.

They have purchased a 27 Brewers Barrel plant to add to its existing 20 barrel plant on Arran.

It was formerly located at the Dunscar Brewer, Bolton and they also acquired the cask fleet of the Dunscar Brewery increasing its own fleet by around 60 per cent.

Managing Director, Gerald Michaluk said: “The addition ofthe brewing equipment will mean we have the capacity to brew almost 50 barrels a day (8,200 litres) over our three sites. That translates into a real rise in production capacity from 875,000 litres to 2 million litres a year.

“We have been plagued by not being able to keep up with demand for our beer in Scotland and had to withdraw from international markets as a consequence to meet demand at home.

“Frequent “out of stock” situations have seriously hampered our growth in recent years.

“This new brewing equipment will reverse the situation and we will be focusing on creating the demand for our beers in the rest of the United Kingdom and overseas.

“We have a lot of growing to do and with the introduction of a range of Lagers I am confident this can be achieved both domestically and by building our trade around the world.”