AN IRATE volunteer from a Beith organisation has hit out at fly-tippers who left hoards of rubbish at an old school.

Iain Kerr, a committee member of Friends of Spiers, the group who helps to care for the grounds of the old Spiers School in the town, highlighted the rubbish and damage caused last week and explained that those responsible had broken a padlock to gain access.

Iain said: “This morning at Spiers old school grounds I am met with this public display of criminal behaviour. These idiots took the time to break into the grounds (padlock bust) and dump this lot.”

The fly-tipping took place on Monday, January 7 and Iain is confident that those responsible can be brought to justice.

He added: “The incident has been reported to all the relevant authorities. There was documentary evidence of where the rubbish had been lifted from and hopefully a conviction will be forthcoming.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Our Enforcement Team were made aware of this incident and immediately investigated.

“With all incidents of this nature, the team look for evidence to trace the waste back to its original source. We are looking to follow this up and make contact with the person who made the mess.

“Flytipping is a crime which we take very seriously and we are determined to reduce the impact this has on communities across North Ayrshire.

“If you see anyone carrying out this act, please get in touch and we will investigate thoroughly.”