Commuters could see quicker journeys if a bid for a Kilwinning bus lane at the Pennyburn roundabout gets the green light.

The bus lane plan, which was approved by cabinet this month, aims to improve the service provided to local commuters and the efficiency of the Route 11 bus route.

At present there are delays experienced at peak times by buses travelling from Kilwinning to Stevenston along Route 11. The project will consider the feasibility of introducing a bus lane on the Eastbound approach to Pennyburn Roundabout on the A738 Trunk Road. This would enable buses to gain easier access to the existing Westbound Bus Lanes on the opposite side of Pennyburn Roundabout.

Kilwinning community councillor Jim Watson questioned whether anything was planned to deal with the congestion, saying ‘it’s getting worse’

Cllr Donald Reid said: “We are making a bid for a bus lane because the bus company have requested a bus lane being installed. It’s a financial bid for next year. We’re pushing Transport Scotland and offering them some money to do this.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach said: “As a result of increasing congestion on the roads in Ayrshire, Stagecoach were asked to contribute to a study on congestion hot spots.

“It is vital to our customers that journey times are not slowed by congestion and the punctuality of our services can be maintained and as such we support any bus priority measures.

“Properly designed bus priority measures can in fact help the overall traffic flow for all road users, not just for buses. We are working with North Ayrshire Council to identify a number of areas where improvements can be made.”