A local mental health charity has been forced to close – just weeks after an urgent plea for donations in the Herald.

We recently reported that The Little Box of Distractions was in desperate need of help for it to continue supporting vulnerable people in North Ayrshire and beyond.

The charity, which provided those suffering from mental distress with boxes to distract them from troubled thoughts, had seen an increase in demand over the last year.

But sadly, manager Kerry Elliot announced this week that The Little Box of Distractions could no longer keep up with the rise in interest.

Kerry told the Herald: “There’s so much to do and I just don’t have the time nor the energy to continue to fight for funds.

“At the moment I’ve got college and I don’t have as much time to continue or trying to get people to donate.

“Now there’s no funds and I don’t have time to apply for them or find them. It is heart-breaking.

“We’ll revisit it in June or July because I will then be finished college. We’ve decided we’re not going to dissolve the charity but as of July we’ll see if we’ve had any more donations, see what time allows and what kind of feedback from people about the boxes.”

Kerry announced on the charity’s Facebook page: “In 2018 we helped over 850 people. Around 450 in the UK and around 400 in North Ayrshire alone. We have raised £1,971.60 less this year than 2017.

“Due to the lack of donations and support in 2018 and other commitments, we are forced to temporarily close our mental health charity. We will not be taking any referrals; however, we will still be helping out with handing boxes out to charities to use up the small stock we have left. We will revisit the situation again in July and we will make a final decision on staying open or dissolving the charity.

“We want to thank everyone who supported us in any way since we opened in 2015 and this has helped me grow as a person.

“I am very thankful.”