A vulnerable elderly woman who was duped by bogus callers three times in four months now has CCTV installed in a bid to catch future culprits

And the same technology could be installed in North Ayrshire to help other residents at risk.

North Ayrshire Council is the first in the UK to use innovative wireless technology that will provide live 24-hour footage, viewable remotely on the mobile phones of the Trading Standards team.

They have already installed the system at the home of the elderly resident who has Alzheimer’s.

The cameras are installed outside her front and back door – along with a video recording device in the living room window – which provide footage and sound, via an app on mobile phones, for the watching Trading Standards team.

The footage goes on to a cloud system, so is secure and safe even if someone does try and tamper with the camera.

Protective Services Manager, Scott McKenzie said: “This lady is extremely vulnerable.

“She’s a lovely woman, kind-hearted, but struggles with her memory, and is someone that these people wait to go out, and then target. It doesn’t really get much lower than that.

“She and her family deserve for her to live in peace and this new piece of kit will help.

“We have put signs outside her house, to deter the bogus callers. If they do call, the equipment will then detect them and provide us with all the evidence we need to get a conviction, without relying on the victim to give evidence.”

“The footage is very, very clear and we get regular notifications when someone goes to the door or goes round the back.

“We do not need to constantly monitor the live coverage, as the system alerts us, and constantly records. It’s also reassuring for her family too.”