SCOTLAND’S first double hand transplant patient Corinne Hutton is back home from hospital.

As the Herald reported recently, the mum of one underwent a 12-hour procedure at Leeds General Infirmary and was looking forward to holding her son’s hand for the first time in five years.

Corinne, who created the charity Finding Your Feet, lost both hands and her lower legs after suffering acute pneumonia and sepsis in 2013.

Kerr Ferguson, from Finding Your Feet, said that Corinne is doing well but needed time to recover at her home in Lochwinnoch.

He told the Herald: “She’s doing well. She’s getting rehab twice a day and she’s absolutely exhausted.

“The risk of infection’s still high which is quite difficult because everyone wants to come and see her.

“She’s able to move them [her hands] but there’s no feeling yet. We’re hoping the feeling comes in about another year.”

Corinne thanked everyone for their support in a Facebook video message. She said: “For the first time in five-and-a-half years I’ve got hands and I’m so delighted with them.

She added: “I’m on serious immune suppressants so basically I’ve got no immune system at all. You know how hard it is for me not to see everybody that wants to see me or reply to every message, it’s so hard for me and I hate being that rude, but I need to lie low, I need to look after myself, I need to get my strength up.

“I’ve been told this is going to take a year – a year of effort and concentration till they get the levels right.

“No way am I going to fail at it because I couldn’t say no to somebody so if you don’t mind, I’m probably going to take the month of February off, look after myself, let my friends and family look after me.”

Calling for people to sign up for organ donation, Corinne said: “I’ll never forget where I got these hands from, I’ll never forget what has happened and the brave family that allowed it to happen. I need to make these hands work. There’s not a chance I’m going back to this family and telling them I’ve failed.”