A DRIVER who fitted a safety device to prevent pedestrians tripping over his electric car charger cable has been ordered by the council to remove it – on the grounds of safety.

Ian Allardice charges his car for around six hours one day a week outside his home in Beith. The 51-year-old has to run the charger cable across the pavement for it to reach his car.

To make the cable more visible to pedestrians and to enable prams and wheelchairs to cross it easily, Ian designed a small metal gantry to cover it. But the nurse was surprised to receive a letter from North Ayrshire Council last week ordering him to remove the safety device.

Ian said: “I asked North Ayrshire Council last year if they would install an electricity point for it. They don’t have any charging points in Beith.

“I had to design something for the electric cable to cover it. It’s like a ramp so buggies can go over it.

“It’s been there about 13/14 months, then I get a letter from North Ayrshire Council telling me to remove it because it’s a safety hazard. But the cable’s a safety hazard without the gantry.

“It isn’t here all the time, it’s only once a week when it’s being charged.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson: “Following a routine inspection, it was noted that the footway has been obstructed. We presume this has been put in place to cover cabling to allow an electric car to be charged.

“Material placed in this manner is a safety hazard – as per Section 59 of the Roads (Scotland) Act – and that is why we have asked for it to be removed.

“We have two fast chargers in the area – one at Glengarnock Railway Station and one at Garnock Community Campus – and are hopeful of adding another in Beith town centre in the coming weeks.”