A Three Towns veteran has successfully completed two courses as part of an initiative supporting the elderly veterans in Scotland.

Age Scotland is working alongside partners in the Unforgotten Forces Consortium to boost the health and wellbeing of veterans aged 65 and older.

A minimum one day’s paid service in HM Armed Forces as a regular, reserve, national serviceman or in the merchant navy could entitle you to extra help and support. Paul Coffey recently attended two training courses on behalf of the Saltcoats Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club. The courses consisted of Dementia Awareness and Older Veterans Awareness Training.

Paul said: “It was a very good day, really interesting courses and also a bit scary at times but definitely worth learning.

“The Age Scotland team were outstanding and as a result of my training it has now increased my knowledge of Scotland’s older veterans’ community, who belongs in it, and key issues for them.

“I’ve even put my name forward to become a trainer in the future.”