A 'homemade firework' was destroyed on Saltcoats beach yesterday (Sunday) following an incident in the town. 

Police confirmed that the device was detonated in a controlled explosion following an earlier cordon in the town's Fleming Crescent in which people were asked to remain within their homes. 

Chief Inspector Brian Shaw explained: "Sometime between 9.30pm on March 9 and 11.35am on March 10, police were called to reports of a motor vehicle parked at an address in Fleming Crescent which had been vandalised with spray paint. 

"At the same time, a small cylindrical device was found on the front doorstep of a house in Fleming Crescent. 

"This device cause police a degree of concern and as a precuation people were told to remain inside and a cordon was set up before we requested assistance from EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) who attended and uplifted the item.

"A controlled explosion was carried out nearby on the beach.

"EOD believe that the device was some sort of homemade firework."

Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing but there is no clear motive for the incident at this time. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police on 101.