A MOTHER and son from Kilbirnie took inspiration from each other to lose over eight stone in weight between them.

Now Linda McKelvie and her son Ross are happy with their progress and praised their local WW group (formerly Weight Watchers) for the help they received.

Ross has dropped to 11 stone 10llbs from a starting weight of 14 stone 7llbs and mum Linda is now 9 stone 7llbs from 15 stone 3llbs.

Postwoman Linda, 52, said: “I joined a few years back, when I was at my heaviest ever, and my son Ross joined a year later after seeing how well I was doing on the plan. I lost 76lbs to get to my target weight of 9st 11lbs and felt amazing.

“Ross saw the difference in me and decided he wanted to feel as good as me.”

Ross said: “As a man, the though of walking into a workshop filled me with dread, but I had nothing to worry about.

“The original wellness coach Lynn made me feel welcomed and at ease, and my mum had given me much needed extra support and glad to say I was able to reach my goal weight in around six months.

“I’m happy to say I’m now in a size 32 waist trouser, and no longer that size 40 that I hated, and that I enjoy going out on my bike, and doing lots of kettlebells – something I would have found difficult carrying that extra weight.”