A PENSIONER called his wife nine times in 40 minutes and threatened to kill himself, a court has heard.

Partick O’Rourke, called his wife after she split up with him, telling her “When I call you , answer the f*****g phone.”

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 66-year-old and his wife had been together for 25 years when she ended the relationship and moved out giving him no explanation for the split.

The retired husband, of Vennel Street, Dalry, called his wife on January 23 this year to discuss the sale of their former martial home, when things turned nasty.

Fiscal Vicky McMillan said: “During the conversation the accused stated to the complainer that he wanted to kill himself. The conversation continued when he stated to her “When I call you answer the f*****g phone". 

"The complainer then hung up the phone. She received a further nine calls over a period of 40 minutes but did not answer them.”

Defending O’Rourke, John McClusky said: “He does accept the amount of times he called her and what he said was excessive. Unfortunately for him it was his wife who ended the relationship and she provided no explanation. He accepts his behaviour was inappropriate. it is his position he won’t be contacting her again.”

Sentence was deferred for good behaviour.