THE most popular baby names in North Ayrshire have been revealed with Jack and Emily stealing the show in our local area. 

In statistics released by the National Records of Scotland, North Ayrshire's top names for 2018 were revealed and both Jack and Emily were registered 17 times in the local authority. 

The lists show all names registered three or more times in each council area with Oliver (10), Harry, Leo and Rory (9) and Alfie, Cameron, Hunter, Jacob and Lucas (8) making up the top names for boys and Olivia (12), Evie (10), Harper (9), Ruby and Willow (8) and Aria, Ava, Ella, Emma, Grace and Jessica (7) out scoring the rest of the girls names. 

Other names for newborns in North Ayrshire included Iona, Ivy, Mila, Eli, Lukas, Kayden and Jaxon. 

The full list can be viewed here.

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