A DOG lead free zone where people’s pets can roam free could be on the cards for Kilwinning.

Kilwinning Councillor Donald Reid says a ‘Dog Lead Free Zone’ where canines can be let off a lead to run around freely has frequently been requested by the community and says Corsehill Park could be an ideal location.

The Labour councillor said: “Since this was first suggested two years ago, this has been on my list of community asks.

“The considerations are it must not be too near livestock, an area children regularly use, near football pitches, too near footpaths for those who do not like dogs plus staying away from water courses.

“I looked for a site taking all the above into account and not cost too much to adapt, and considering locations reasonably acceptable with reasonable drainage – as there’s no point trying to take on a swamp no matter how much some dogs might like it owners prefer clean dogs.

“The Corsehill Park behind Redstone Wynd and Keir Hardie is being put forward as it is reasonably accessible, has three entry points, already partly fenced off and already well used by dog walkers.

“The additions would be to add gates, complete a secure enclosure, add a bench and an additional bin. If the proposal goes ahead path lines will still be cut regularly and an area left rougher for dogs to play in.”

Cllr Reid currently has a poll on running on his Facebook page and can be contacted by constituents on donaldreid@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.