BEITH Pensioners Social Club has donated £1,000 between two charities.

The club known, as the ‘Happy Chappers’, due to them being expert dominoes players, had excess money in their account. They decided to donate the extra money, awarding £500 each to the veterans at Erskine Hospital and to St Vincent’s Hospice.

The club’s president, Marie Kennedy, visited Erskine Home and St Vincent’s Hospice to present the charities with a cheque.

A spokeswoman for Erskine Hospital said: “Huge thank you to the members of the Beith Pensioners Social Club.

“We are extremely grateful for the thoughtfulness and kindness.”

A spokesperson for St Vincent’s Hospice said: “We want to thank every single member who contributed to this donation. It really goes a long way in making the work we do possible.”