A disabled man’s 16-month wait for the council to rehome him took a turn for the worse recently when he fell down a flight of stairs.

The Herald reported previously that Raymond Alexander was facing homelessness and was blaming the council for not helping him.

Raymond, an amputee who suffers from numerous health issues, including a visual impairment, eventually took matters into his own hands and decided to rent a private flat while he waited for the council to find him suitable accommodation.

But almost two years on, the 45-year-old’s health has deteriorated, and he is still waiting.

And things came to a head when he injured himself falling down a flight of stairs.

Raymond said: “I’m just out the hospital after falling down the stairs, about 19 steps.

“One of my neighbours contacted my dad and I got took into the hospital with severe headaches. The house I’m in is just not suitable for me.

“I’m still in the same situation, not getting any help from the council whatsoever. It was the worst thing I’ve done taking on a private let.

“This was the only one that was available at the time.

“The occupational therapist carried out an assessment on my own private let. She told me that it wasn’t suitable, and they would need to find me something as soon as possible.

“Some days I’m actually suicidal. I just can’t take any more, it’s getting me down.

“I feel as if they’re not giving me a chance. A number of houses have been coming up and they say they’re not suitable but rather than contact me and letting me see for myself, I’m being skipped.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We understand this is a difficult situation for Mr Alexander and we are trying hard to find accommodation which meets his very specific needs.

“While properties have been available for allocation within the areas that Mr Alexander has requested, unfortunately he could not be considered for these as they did not meet the recommendations made by the Housing Occupational Therapist during the application process.

“Regretfully, we are unable to predict when he might receive an offer as this is entirely dependent on the availability of suitable properties and also the demand from other applicants with similar housing requirements.

“Mr Alexander can contact our Homeless Advice Team or any of our local Housing Offices at any time and they will continue to provide him with the appropriate advice and assistance.”