A DRUNK driver who crashed his car with a six-year-old in the back seat, is now facing jail.

Christopher Reid was more than four times the limit when he drove and crashed his car with the young boy in the back.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the boy had been left in the care of 33-year-old on June 21, last year.

By 6pm Reid, of Mair Drive, Dalry had begun drinking whilst he was supposed to be looking after the child.

The court was told the child’s mother called the boy on the telephone later on that night and he stated to her he was in the car and she called police on Reid.

At 1.30am Reid, formerly of Fergushill Road in Kilwinning, crashed his car in a Kilmarnock housing estate with the child still in the back seat.

The Fiscal Depute told the court: “From around 6pm the accused started to consume alcohol.

“A short time later the witness (children’s mother) decided to take her children to their gran’s.

“The youngest child did not want to (go) so he was left in the care of the accused.

“At some point the child’s mother contacted the child on the telephone and he stated that he was in the car.

“As a result of this the child’s mother contacted police and at 1.30am in the morning.

“Police witnesses attended at Cameron Drive in Kilmarnock and seen the accused in his bare feet staggering on the pavement next to his vehicle.

“Police witnesses observed a child in the rear seat and also observed damage to the vehicle.”

The court was told Reid crashed his car and after hearing the smash neighbours rushed from their homes and took his car keys off him.

The fiscal said: “Both witnesses stated that they were alerted to the accused after hearing a bang.

“They looked outside and observed the accused in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

“They ran down to the vehicle, opened the driver’s door and could smell alcohol from the accused.

“They observed the child in the back seat and that’s when they took the keys off the accused.

“He was breathalysed by police and arrested and charged.”

Defending Reid, Neil McPherson admitted that the incident “could have been catastrophic for a number of people, not least the accused.”

Sentence was deferred for reports until later this month.

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