A THREE Towns football team are to buy sports glasses for all of their players who need them.

Cunninghame Youth 2009s side currently has four players who wear glasses and following a break where the ball hit one of the youngsters, boss Stuart Roy thought it was time to step in.

The 21-strong squad have been fundraising to go to Edinburgh for a tournament and will use money from that to buy the glasses.

Stuart explained how important it is and told the Herald: “One of our goalkeepers wears normal glasses and at training on Tuesday the ball hit him in the face and they broke.

“So we looked into the sports glasses and they are quite expensive. We have been doing a lot of fundraising at the moment to take the team to Edinburgh for a football tournament and we feel that getting these glasses for the kids who need them will help them out so much and keeps them safe and hopefully helps them enjoy the game even more.

“You can replace a set of glasses but you can’t replace an eye”