A West Kilbride art student has created some unusual ‘sea creatures’ to raise awareness of the plastic crisis in our seas.

Alexandra Hogan collected plastic from local beaches and moulded it onto shells to create the organisms as part of her HNC in Art and Design course.

The Glasgow Clyde College student said: “It’s trying to find another use for our disused plastic, to get us thinking about what our landscape could look like without plastic. There’s so much plastic, could it potentially evolve into another species? Do we want to take more responsibility for our waste?

“My aim in doing this project is to highlight this growing problem and to try to find new solutions through art and creativity.

“All the plastic I found was mainly food wrappers, bottles, pieces of fishing nets and stuff like that. I collected about two shopping bags of plastic over four or five visits. I heated them and melted them onto the shells.”