West Kilbride Community Sports Club has confirmed that the comprehensive refurbishment of the sports pavilion in Kirktonhall Glen will now go ahead after finalising a Funding Agreement with landfill funder, WREN.

WREN has agreed to provide grant support of up to £100,000 towards the £150,000 project.

The balance of the funding package has been provided by North Ayrshire Ventures Trust,West Kilbride Community Trust ,West Kilbride Amateurs FC and West Kilbride Tennis Club.

Some creativity was required by the Community Sports Club trustees when the original tender came in almost £30,000 above budget and imperilling the whole project.

Working closely with their architects McMillan & Cronin however the project team devised an alternative procurement strategy enabling it to achieve the required savings.

The existing dilapidated building is currently used by West Kilbride Amateurs FC and West Kilbride Tennis Club.

The project will modernise the building to create new showers, changing rooms and a social space for football and other field sports together with a new clubhouse for the local community tennis club. Construction is scheduled to begin this month with completion expected by early August 2019.

West Kilbride Community Sports Club Chairman John Wilson said: “We are obviously delighted to deliver this exciting development. As well as providing much needed enhanced sports facilities it will also add to the general improvement in the physical and social environment of the Glen for the benefit of all local residents following completion of the new tennis courts in 2016.

“A collaborative approach between the main stakeholders, the Community Sports Club, footballers and the tennis club has been key to delivery of this relatively complex project.

“The Community Sports Club trustees are grateful for the support our efforts appear to enjoy across the entire village population.”