A GRAN is fed up with rats from the Stanley Burn attacking her budgies and blames North Ayrshire Council for not doing enough to prevent the vermin invading her street.

Jacqui Hamilton says that her hut floor was “moving” with rats and claims that the rodents have killed around 50 of her pet budgies.

Jacqui believes that the rats are flourishing because the grass and weeds around Ardrossan’s Laird Weir are rarely cut and have become overgrown.

She told the Herald: “I have had problems with rats the last few years.

“I’ve lost about 50 budgies because they [the rats] were chewing through my hut and they were getting in and just taking my birds.

“I opened my hut one night and my floor was covered in rats. The floor was actually moving.

“I’ve had enough. I’m out of funds for budgies, I’m out of funds for poison. I can’t take any more. I replaced the hut and I’ve put what birds I’ve got left in it. The rats I see are just walking down the street without a care.

“I don’t want them [the council] to go and kill all the rats, just to tidy it. I’m losing this battle. I can’t afford to feed a rat a budgie a day.

“The length of the grass is awful – the weeds are taller than me. There’s kids go and play in there and I’m terrified they get bitten by one of the rats. I’ve got two grandkids and I’m terrified they get bitten.

“I caught one old man emptying his brown bin into the burn. I can see why people are doing that because it’s not being looked after. They [the council] don’t cut the grass next to the water. They’ve cut it once a week since I put a complaint in.

“They’re definitely coming from the burn. I keep budgies and Jack Russells, so I don’t leave anything left out – I try not to encourage anything.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council, said: “No report has been made to our Environmental Health team regarding this issue.

“However, in light of the concerns now raised, the team will carry out a survey to determine the extent of rat activity and identify any appropriate action required.

“If anyone wishes to report pest control matters, please contact our Environmental Health team on 01294 324339.”