A NURSE who drove drunk to work in a Kilwinning care home has been banned from driving.

Marjorie Murray was arrested as she started her shift at Buckreddan Care Home earlier this year and found to be more than four-times the legal drink-drive limit.

Police were given a tip-off that 54-year-old Murray was driving under the influence and found her car parked at the Little Deers Nursery, next door to her work.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard Murray came forward to admit the car was hers and police reported smelling alcohol from her when she spoke to admit driving to work that night.

Fiscal Stewart McMillan told the court: “Police officers were given certain information about a particular motor vehicle at 7.35pm.

“They located that vehicle at what is described as a nursery and nearby there’s a care home.

“The accused came forward and was identified as working in the care home there was a smell of alcohol from her and she accepted that she was the driver of the vehicle.

“She failed the roadside breath test and was arrested.”

Defending Murray, Colin McLaughlin said his client had turned to drink earlier in the day after hearing her husband – whom she was separated from – was engaged to be married to someone else.

Mr McLaughlin said: “She had resorted to drink on this occasion as she had received some upsetting news regarding her husband. Although separated they had a financial link and that had come to an end.

“She has been told he was engaged to be married despite the fact that they were still married. It was a shock to her system and she took alcohol and thought she had slept it off before she headed to work.

“You can imagine the impact it has had on her. She was taken to the police office at 8.30pm and spent the night in the cells which was a shock.”

The court was told that Murray had never offended before this incident and was now facing losing her job because of it.

Mr McLaughlin added: “She is appearing here today very much as a first time offender. She’s been a qualified nurse for a long number of years.

“There’s ongoing disciplinary procedures pending the outcome of this and it is likely she will lose her profession.

“She’s mortified and fully aware of the consequences of what could have happened and is apologetic to say the least.

“It’s been a sobering experience for her.”

Sheriff Shirley Foran fined Murray £500 and disqualified her from driving for two years.