Burned bins and smashed glass, thought to be linked to antisocial behaviour, have caused concern at Dalry’s park.

Dalry Community Council posted a series of photographs on Facebook showing melted wheelie bins, broken bottles, fire pits and other mess littering the public grounds.

A local dogwalker, who wished to remain anonymous, also contacted the Herald concerned about the park.

She said: “It is worrying. Wee kids are stealing bins and setting them on fire in the park. I saw one floating in the burn. Small children and dogs might end up hurt.”

Referring to DCC’s Facebook post, Todd Ferguson, councillor for Dalry and West Kilbride, said: “The antisocial behaviour across our communities reveals there is a disconnect between a minority of people and the communities they live in.

“A tremendous amount of time, dedication and money from community groups, community councils and North Ayrshire Council ensures that public spaces, like Dalry Park, are clean and safe environments for the community to use without fear of cutting themselves on broken glass that has been irresponsibly discarded.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson added: “Our Streetscene team have cleared the area and will endeavour to keep the park as clean and safe as possible. We will continue to liaise with the community council to provide relevant information to allow Police Scotland to investigate and monitor the area.”

A spokesman for Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they had been called to six fires involving grassland, forestry, wasteland and derelict sites in Dalry since April 1.

A spokesman for Police Scotland urged residents to contact 101 if they had any concerns.