BIG Hearted runners came together last week to smash a target to purchase a new defibrillator.

In less than one day, participants and supporters of the Eglinton Parkrun answered the call to raise £816 for a new defibrillator to be present at the run which takes place every Saturday morning.

The appeal came after the news that the defib at the park was vandalised but the volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure the parkrun goes ahead smoothly, decided it would be better to get one that was specifically there every week in case of emergencies.

New parkruns are required to have one but as Eglinton has been going for more than six years, it has never had one of its own.

Donations flooded in and the club are now in the process of purchasing the AED after £1,200 was raised and there was also an AED backpack donated from Joyce Stewart and Pipeline Drillers which will house all of the first aid equipment. Ian Dorey, Event Director said: “We have a great community feel at Eglinton where lifelong friendships have been made though as we state parkrun is free, we were a little wary of asking for donations though our concerns were unfounded and the response has been amazing.”