THE petition organised by Stevenston community councillor David Rodger to stop the proposed closure of Harvies will be presented to North Ayrshire Council next week.

And in an unusual move, he will be allowed to address the council’s cabinet to speak about the cause.

Over 4,000 signatures have been gathered during the last few months and Council leader Joe Cullinane is keen for the voices of everyone to be heard.

David told the Herald that there has been ‘gross negligence’ by successive councils.

He said: “This is a big moment for the campaign because it is not just about handing in the petition, it is about the lives and well-being of all residents in the Three Towns and beyond, all who use Harvies swimming pool and gym, including visitors from further afield.

“A big thank you to all who signed and to the support from local councillors, Stevenston Community Council and the Auchenharvie Dolphins.

“There are hundreds of heartfelt comments accompanying the signatures. The Magnum is gone and now we have the threat to Harvies.

“There has been gross negligence by successive councils. People love Harvies. People are signing because they are sick and tired of Stevenston being run into the ground.

“The main thing is this - good, local facilities for working class communities in all areas.”

Councillor Cullinane said: “I was happy to accept the petition and extend the invitation to Mr Rodger to speak directly to the Cabinet.

“From the outset we have been clear that this was pre-consultation engagement and it is important to stress that no decisions have been taken.

“The cabinet will consider the pre-engagement feedback and Mr Rodger’s petition at our meeting on June 11 and set out the next steps. This will involve further widespread consultation with our local communities in the months ahead.

“Only after that second consultation process is complete will final decisions on the school campus idea start to be made and those decisions will be guided by the opinions shared by the public.

“It is important to remember that at the heart of this whole process is the need to deliver a new school for Ardrossan.

“It is our ambition that the school is of the highest standard for both school pupils and the wider community.”