A THREE Towns dance team has been chosen out of around 80 competitors to take part in an international dancing contest in Florida.

Following a successful performance at national heats in Braehead Arena, the Junior Bold Lyrical team from Charlene and Siobhan Dance Academy (CSDA) will compete at the Dance Summit in Spring 2020.

The team of 11 dancers, aged between 12 and 15, were one of only five groups chosen at last week’s selection event organised by Future Cheer. The group’s successful bid is extra exciting for the dance school as teams from CSDA had been selected for the last Dance Summit but were unable to attend.

Siobhan Bryden said that her and fellow dance coach Charlene Cargill were “incredibly proud” of the team.

Siobhan told the Herald: “It’s incredible. We went to a competition in Braehead Arena which is run by a company called Future Cheer. I think there was probably about 80 teams and they pick five teams out of everyone.

“We got a bid [to compete in the Dance Summit] in Blackpool, but we couldn’t go because we only had a short time and it was a lot of money.

“We were devastated. For this time, it’s for 2020 so we’re definitely going to be going.

“They work like crazy [the team]. We’ll start fundraising properly after our 10-year anniversary show. We’ll need to look for sponsors as well.

“It’s great. The kids have worked so hard. We’ve managed to do in four years what other dance teams achieve in 10-15 years. They totally fought for it.”