AN Ardrossan mum has said her life has been destroyed after her nine-month old kitten was found dead in her garden.

And Jacqui Campbell told how a neighbour’s dogs mauled the innocent cat leaving it with no chance of survival.

Now she wants justice for her pet, named Krystal, but feels like the police weren’t interested.

Jacqui told the Herald: “I reported it to the police but it just felt like they weren’t interested. This has destroyed my life. I had to take her wee body to the vet, it just isn’t fair.

“I am speaking out to take a stand, I want something to be done for my peace of mind. My neighbours are all in agreement.

“I am trying to grieve for something so beautiful, she was my wee human with a fur coat.”

Mum and gran Jacqui, 48, explained that two dogs attacked her cat and said that the owner told her but didn’t apologise and she hasn’t seen them since the incident on Thursday night.

She added: “I was with my friend Doreen having dinner and she didn’t hear anything and neither did I. The next minute there was a bang a the door and I was told my cat had been mauled. They weren’t even sorry.

“Krystal was my true love and there is now a big hole in my life. I was supposed to protect her and I didn’t do it enough. I want to make everyone aware. You can easily put a dog on a lead or put on a muzzle.

“Why did it have to be my wee Krystal? She was only nine and a half months old.

“I am going to take this as far as possible. I am getting signatures, a petition, contacting my councillor. It is totally disgraceful.

“I will fight for her, it will take a long while but I am going to get her what is right. I want Krystal’s Law.”

Police confirmed that they were looking into the incident and a spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Around 10.20pm on Thursday, May 30, Police Scotland received a report of a cat attacked by two dogs. Enquiries are ongoing.”