By Alan Bell from the Barony St John Regeneration Project

OVER a year ago, I wrote an article about the previous ministers of the New Ardrossan Parish Church from 1884 through until it became the Barony Church and latterly the Barony St John’s Church.

Last month, I was delighted to hear from a chap called Bob Dalgleish who resides in Ayr. Bob told me about his grandfather and his connection to Ardrossan and the church building.

I’ll let Bob take up the story: “My father was born in Ardrossan in 1907 and was baptised in New Ardrossan Parish Church on the 18th February 1908. The service was conducted by the Rev John Kirkland Cameron who was the Minister of the parish at that time. The only reason I know this is because it is so written on the reverse of the original birth certificate. I was intrigued going through your blog to see that you discovered old parish records that mention the Rev John Kirkland Cameron.

"It is possible therefore that my grandfather Walter and grandmother Augusta attended this church during the time they lived in Ardrossan. My dad never spoke of his childhood and it’s only very recently that I came across a photo of my grandfather. Whilst in Ardrossan, they lived at Kilmeny Gardens which although now gone, was close to Kilmeny Terrace.

"Grandfather Walter was a professional gardener and probably worked in the gardens of the nearby house which later became the Kilmeny Hotel. My dad James, was the youngest of three brothers, the others being Robert and Walter but there was only a year or so between them.

"Sadly, my grandmother died in 1911 when my dad was just over three years old and, of course, I never got to meet her. So, reading about the history of the church in your blog brings a perspective to my family history research which I did not have before.

"I have searched for some time but I have no idea where my grandmother is buried and I would dearly love to pay my respects. If you do come across any records regarding this, I should be so grateful if you were able to share them with me. My grandmother’s full name is Augusta Chads Dunlop Dalgleish, nee Paton, which is quite unusual.”

Despite wandering around the graveyard in Ardrossan, I have not yet found the grave of Augusta Dalgleish – perhaps YOU can.

Or if any reader knows of any records pertaining to Augusta’s death or can remember Walter (junior or senior), James or Robert Dalgleish please contact the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald or email me at and I will pass the information on to Bob Dalgleish.

In the meantime, if your great, great grandfather or great grandmother had a connection with the Barony St John / New Ardrossan Parish Church, please get in touch – especially if you have any old photos of the buildings.

You can also read my blog, which Bob mentioned, at www. and find out what’s being going on since we bought over the buildings in December 2014; or if you would like to know more about my charity, The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, please contact us via our website or look us up (ScotCPS) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.