Part of West Kilbride town centre will be closed off to traffic on weekdays from 8am to 5pm from 26 June to 5 July.

The area affected is from Halfway Street to Yerton Brae which covers the top half of the town centre.

The contingencies for this closure is that vehicular traffic will travel by way of Halfway Street, Corse Street, Portencross Road, A78 Snowdon Terrace and Yerton Brae. Pedestrian access to shops, houses, etc will be maintained.

Stagecoach will run the bus service around the town i.e. A78 Snowdon Terrace/Portencross Road/St Brides Road/Meadowfoot Road, etc. and vice versa. Notices will posted on bus stops and buses with alerts being sent via social media channels.

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained, as is standard procedure.