Around 2,000 animal lovers of all ages enjoyed Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Open Day at the weekend (Sunday, June 9).

Visitors were able to catch a glimpse of fox cubs, cygnets, ducklings, and other adorable creatures. There were also tours of the centre’s hospital where visitors had the chance to see nestling birds being hand-reared. Meanwhile over on the stalls, Hessilhead’s resident dog, 11-year-old Mel, kept trying to steal cakes.

Gay Christie, from Hessilhead, said: “It was brilliant. The weather was just amazing. There was probably about 1100 adults and probably the same number of children. Everybody I spoke to said they had a great time.

“The fox cubs were quite shy but they did come out for a bit, so I think everybody got to see them. The young tawny owls were great. They sat out on their perch all day.”