A second pensioner claims she is out of pocket after having gardening work unfinished by an alleged rogue trader.

Last week, the Herald reported that 90-year-old Nancy Burns in Dalry paid £300 upfront to D Stewart and Son Garden Care to carry out work which was never finished. Following our report, the daughter of a 92-year-old woman from Stevenston contacted us claiming that the same company targeted her mum.

Susan O’Rourke told the Herald: “I read your article and the name of the company – it can’t be a coincidence. He had told my mother that he came from Ardrossan. They charged my mother £100 for something like 10 bricks along a wee path. They said they would need it to get the materials to finish it but they’ve never come back.

“My mother has a CCTV camera at her house. He actually asked her if it was recording and my mother being an honest person said it wasn’t.

“He came back with him another man and a young boy about 15 or 16. They were only there for an hour. I have been on the phone to Trading Standards. This is a scam.

“We can’t do anything about what’s happened to my mother but I don’t want other old people targeted. I feel like the most vulnerable have been targeted. I’m not happy with the work and she’s not happy with the work.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Sadly, there are bogus workmen out there who target our most vulnerable residents.

“We are stepping up our efforts and working with local businesses, legitimate tradesmen and our partners at Police Scotland to try to eliminate this type of crime.

“We would also encourage residents to look out for their vulnerable neighbours. If anyone knocks on your door offering to do gardening, mono-blocking / paving or roof / roofline work please contact the Trading Standards team on 01294 310100 and they will investigate to see if the people involved are legitimate.

“We would also ask for copies of leaflets and/or descriptions of the individuals or vehicles to help us identify them and bring them to court.”

The Herald again attempted to contact D Stewart but received no response.