The team at Cafe Solace in Kilbirnie bade a fond farewell to one of their most regular customers; Lt Wendy Leisk of the Salvation Army

Lt Leisk is due to move on shortly to a new area of ministry in Hamilton as a newly promoted Captain with the Salvation Army, following her five year posting in Kilbirnie.

The Friday evening café has operated in Kilbirnie for two years and Wendy and fellow officer, Nan Morrow, have been attending the café for a meal nearly every Friday evening.

Chair of Café Solace, Margaret Johnson told the Herald: “We were very sad to hear that it had come to that time when Wendy, as a Salvation Army officer, would have to leave us and move on. We could not let the occasion pass without conveying our thanks and appreciation for all that she has done in Kilbirnie and for the support she has given to our group e. g. when the work was being undertaken to upgrade the kitchen in Bridgend Community Centre, Wendy immediately offered us the use of the Salvation Army kitchen and premises, thereby allowing us to have continuity at the difficult time when we were finding our feet.”

Cllr Anthea Dickson added, “It has been a pleasure to work with Wendy and to see how highly she is regarded in the town. I wanted to let her know how much her support is appreciated – so as a volunteer of Café Solace, I baked a cake and we presented it and a card from the team at our café last Friday.

"We will miss her enthusiasm, kindness, and positive attitude that has marked her time in Kilbirnie. We wish her well in her new post.”