A scooter club successfully raised money for a defibrillator after the sudden death of one of their members.

Kilbirnie MD 20/20 Scooter Club purchased the life-saving device a year after the loss of Alan ‘Gunny’ Gunion.

The 50-year-old, who was about to become a dad, died suddenly in June 2018 after suffering a cardiac arrest. Due to Gunny’s tragic death, and with other members having heart issues themselves, it was decided that a defibrillator was needed for the club.

Close friend of Gunny’s and club member, Nikki Howarth, ran the London Marathon, raising more than £1,700 to buy the defibrillator.

Nikki said ahead of the race: “Things may have been very different if there was a defib to hand. This is why I would like the club to have a defibrillator to take to all the events we host and attend. I will be running in honour of Gunny on the day.”

In a touching tribute, the life-saving device had its first outing at a memorial ride out on the anniversary of Gunny’s death last week.

It is understood that Kilbirnie MD 20/20 is the first club in the UK to own a defibrillator which they take out on events.

Club chairman, Harry Coleman, said: “Unfortunately, five of our members have had heart attacks or just problems with their heart. Most recently, our good friend Alan ‘Gunny’ Gunion sadly passed away.

“It’s terrible. His girlfriend was six months pregnant and they were looking forward to it. It was sudden, nobody knew.

“Nikki was Alan’s best pal, that’s how she wanted us to do something.

“I’m led to believe that we’re the only scooter club in Britain to have our own defibrillator that we take out at rallies and anywhere else we go.”