Organisers of a Three Towns voluntary group who faced a torrent of online abuse have vowed to soldier on, despite deciding to close last week.

The Herald reported last week that Saltcoats Swap Shop was closing after the organisers had enough of people blasting them.

But Marcus and Anna Hazel-McGown have since announced that they plan to “ignore and delete all negative posts” and continue helping vulnerable people.

Marcus said: “We've decided that a lot more people would lose out rather than benefit from what we have been doing.”

The couple made the decision after a desperate young mum came to their door crying.

Marcus said: “A young woman came asking for help, in floods of tears because the system had failed her, and she didn't know where the next meal was coming from let alone how she was going to pay for anything. Anna and I gave her money from our own pocket and said we'd try to find her some bits.

“We will ignore and delete all negative posts. We don't need this and neither do the families we help or the people that donate and want to help these families in their hour of need.”

The swap shop is looking for volunteers and is always appealing for items to donate to people in need. Visit the group’s Facebook page for the latest appeal and for contact information.