A STEVENSTON councillor has been working with council officers and local businesses to solve the long-standing problem with a road in Saltcoats.

The issue with large vehicles having to use Robertson Crescent in Saltcoats, which falls within the Stevenston electoral ward, has been on the go for a while and the building of a new road may be on the horizon.

Robertson Crescent is the only access road to Highland Meats and the Sandylands Caravan Park, which can result in large HGVs having to manoeuvre between cars on the narrow residential street.

Cllr McTiernan said: “This has been a problem local residents have lived with for years, but at last we seem to be making progress on a solution.”

The idea, supported by the SNP councillor, would see a new road created from Canal Street, running across what is currently a corner of the public golf course and avoiding the need for HGVs having to use Robertson Crescent.

Cllr McTiernan added: “The articulated lorries currently need to use Robertson Crescent to access the Highland Meats facility and the Sandylands Caravan Park. This can mean lorries holding-up traffic on Canal Street, in both directions, as they have to swing across the road to get straight and then drive into the narrow residential street.

“Residents have told me it is not uncommon for them to have to move their cars to allow the lorries to access the street.

“Council officers, Highland Meats and Sandylands all recognise the benefits to local people and businesses that the proposed new road would create, so I am hopeful we can all reach agreement and see the development come to fruition in the near future.”